Friday, April 27, 2007

I agree!
So much to say I'm abandoning the 5 words for now.

Amelia - I was really struck by two of your images - SHOPS and PLEASURE TIME.

Eva - yes the layering of materials. No consistency - this lies in the planning policies of Leeds, or lack of them.

I met John Thorpe the civic architect for Leeds on Tuesday. He's spent the last 4 years drawing Leeds city centre, and trying to develop a strategy for the development of the city beyond a planning policy that is based on land use only.

I think Amelia may have hit on something with the burgage plot idea - this reminds me strongly of John's drawings of Leeds today, and how it can be seen as a mosaic of areas. Also did you know that Burmantofts comes from the burger man's tofts? or something like that - Eva do you remember that from the research we did for the walk?

Also it is good in terms of postcode relationship.

Guess the problem is how to do it in such a small space.

I don't have any pictures just now. When do we need to finish the design by?

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